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Beat the Breach! How to tackle the hidden risk in your unstructured data in 2022

Join Gareth Tranter, Head of Customer Success at Exonar and four data industry heavyweights for one hour of views and opinion as we debate how to ‘beat the breach’ and what organisations will be doing to tackle hidden risk in their unstructured data next year.

We’ll explore the impact on reputation, customer loyalty and the ability to make the right business decisions.


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Why leading organisations are discovering their data in 2021

80% of the data businesses create every day is unstructured, so not knowing what you've got is a problem because it represents massive risk but also huge untapped value. Watch this webinar and find out why leading organisations are discovering their data in 2021 and how 'knowing your data' will supercharge your own data initiatives.

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How to avoid the pitfalls of data migration in 2021

Cloud migration is a journey. And like all journeys there are several paths to get there (some more challenging than others). Watch this webinar and discover the 5 key steps you should be taking to ensure that your cloud migration will be success.

Jan Webinar 4 major risks

The 4 major data migration risks and how to avoid them

Migrating data is risky. Particularly when it's unstructured, unknown and probably full of sensitive information no-one knows about. But there are other risks too. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.

Data migration webinar

Why legacy data will screw up your data migration project (and what to do about it)

The problem with trying to migrate legacy data to the cloud is that the older it is, the more of a mess it will be. If the information isn't correctly secured, classified or deleted before you move it, you'll be taking a big risk.

View this webinar where we explore how legacy data could screw up your migration and what to do about it.

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Data discovery in Microsoft-centric enterprises

How Exonar and Softwerx can help to secure your data and fully leverage your Microsoft 365 investment.

By combining Exonar Reveal with Softwerx’s specialist knowledge and experience of Microsoft 365 we are able extend and gain visibility of all your data in one, instantly searchable place.

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GDPR Breaches, Fines and the Dangers of Dark Data

In this webinar we’ll share our research into the GDPR penalties from 2018 to date, and dig into the evidence to expose how the breaches happened, why organisations were fined and what could have been done to prevent them. 

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The skeletons in your unstructured data

In this webinar we share what we’ve learnt about what’s in a typical organisation’s data estate. We show you how data discovery software can reveal where the skeletons are most often hidden, how much of your data is most probably unstructured or ‘dark’ and how to find the unknowns, so you can mitigate the risk of nasty surprises in your data.

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Deliver stronger data governance and security

Join us at this webinar to hear what data leaders across infosec and privacy told us, at a roundtable, about how they collaborate to share responsibility and drive better governance and data security.

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Eating the Elephant: How to implement a successful data discovery programme

Have you decided to implement a data discovery programme in your organisation? Sign up to our webinar series that breaks down the process into manageable chunks and steps you through it logically.

Juggling data priorities

Juggling data priorities: Can you secure, protect and exploit the value in your data?

Organisations are trying to juggle their data priorities. But is is possible to secure, protect & exploit the value in your data? Find out in this webinar.

Why data discovery matters in a zero trust world

Why data discovery matters in a zero-trust world

The 'zero-trust' security model is now a reality. Find out why data discovery matters, and why it's a focus for info security & data governance leaders.

Data governance priorities

Data governance priorities in 2020: the research results

We sat down with experts to understand their data governance priorities in 2020 and best practice tips on what’s worked. Watch the webinar now.

Turn GDPR policies into business-as-usual

How to turn GDPR policies into business-as-usual

View our webinar, "How to turn GDPR policies into business-as-usual" kindly hosted by our partner and leading IT provider, bluesource.

Turning policy into practice

What's next for GDPR: Turning policy into practice

Watch the webinar we hosted with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and see how putting policy into practice is next for GDPR.

Automating data governance in 2020 what tech is out there?

Automating data governance in 2020: what tech is out there?

Automating data governance using technology is a key challenge for data experts in 2020. Find out what privacy tech is out there in this webinar.


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