WEBINAR: Data Discovery in Microsoft-centric Enterprises​



Watch the on-demand webinar below to learn:

1. Why lack of visibility of unstructured data is becoming a huge issue for organisations.
2. How Exonar and Softwerx help you leverage your Microsoft investment for information governance.
3. How to reduce the risk of a data breach due to shortcomings in organisations' data governance models.


James McCarthy

James McCarthy 
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Exonar Ltd

Adriaan Bekker

Adriaan Bekker 
Technical Director
Softwerx Ltd

How Exonar & Softwerx can help to secure your data & fully leverage your Microsoft 365 Investment

All organisations we are speaking to seem to be facing the same challenge - they don't have visibility of their data, they don’t know where their data is, and they don't know who has access to it or how to secure it.

But, for most Microsoft centric users, their unstructured data is moving directly into their Microsoft environment, and to overcome this they need to start by understanding their data. However, the scope of Microsoft’s data discovery tooling has some significant limitations. By combining Exonar Reveal with Softwerx’s specialist knowledge and experience of Microsoft 365 we are able extend and gain visibility of all your data in one, instantly searchable place.