Strengthen information security governance

Find your organisation’s ‘dark’ data, secure sensitive information and reduce your security risk.


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Information security governance begins with data discovery

Reveal every bit of your organisation’s structured and unstructured data, including the information you didn’t know you had.

“Everyone needs to know where their data is and understand the controls around it. Exonar is solving this specific problem that everyone’s got.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Pharmaceuticals 

Identify & safeguard your risky data. Protect yourself from a breach

Find, map and reveal all your company’s data at scale from one central platform.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBLocate toxic data for removal                         

Identify what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) your organisation holds, including the 85% that is dark, so you can remediate it, ensuring your organisation remains secure and protected.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBMonitor information security

Make the right decisions about how organisational data is secured, informed by what’s actually there.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBMaintain a strong security posture   

Run regular, automated searches of your data, identify where sensitive information is being left lying around unprotected, and avoid internal or external data breaches.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBProtect information at scale

Get visibility over all your organisation’s information, find your ’dark’ data, and gain the insights to determine how to protect it from an information security breach.

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