Exonar runs on scale, detail and speed 

Exonar Reveal was built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, governance and compliance prioritised from the very beginning.


Built with modern security foundations

Exonar Reveal was developed following modern security principles, including a cloud-native architecture and strong authentication practices.

Exonar Reveal extracts the metadata and body content from the original files, therefore not creating a copy and with the data never leaving the customer environment.

"Everyone needs to know where their data is and understand the controls around it. Exonar is solving this specific problem that everyone’s got.

Chief Information Security Officer, Pharmaceuticals Company

Meets the highest industry standards

Penetration testing

Regular testing is carried out on the Exonar Reveal platform, keeping security at
the forefront.

Secure encryption of data

All customer data is encrypted,
and access is protected behind your
enterprise SSO.

GDPR compliant

Customers’ personal information is maintained and secured in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Designed to protect privacy within your company

Hosting options

You can choose whether you run Exonar Reveal on premise or in the cloud.

Strict permissions

All access to Exonar Reveal is through robust authentication processes. If any permissions are changed, Exonar Reveal reflects those changes immediately.


Exonar Reveal interacts with your existing SSO systems such as Azure.

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