About Exonar

We believe that data should protect and power organisations and the people they serve


On a mission

Every organisation struggles to know what's contained in the volumes and the complexity of the data they own. We have a simple mission to solve this problem by discovering organisational data at an epic scale

How it all started

When our first client came knocking, they’d already employed nine people to search through two million documents for nine months in an attempt to identify what had been stolen in a cyber attack.

Their view was that “we don’t know exactly what information we have, so it’s hard to know what’s missing”.

So we thought, what if we came at it from a different angle? What if we put ourselves in the shoes of someone wanting to steal data. How would they see what was there and know what to steal?”

With the freedom to think creatively, we worked out a way within 21 days, and the seeds of our current product was planted.

And it’s captured the eye of our investors, because they too believe that organisations should be able to use data better to power and protect their organisations and the people they serve.

This is why Exonar is a Series A funded, UK technology business.

Leadership team

Exonar’s Leadership team has been hand-picked to fuel the next wave of growth for the company

With series-A funding from top-drawer venture capitalists, we have built the right team to succeed.


Paddy Byrne


Paddy brings extensive Board and leadership experience and a track record of enabling leaders to fulfil their potential.  Paddy's strong background in Private Equity and Venture Capital is highly valuable as Exonar drives the next exciting phases of growth and scale.

 Danny Reeves copy-1

Danny Reeves


Danny brings to Exonar 30 years of experience working in technology and business leadership with brands such as Deutsche Bank, Capita and Balfour Beatty. His most recent focus has been scaling smaller organisations through periods of dramatic growth. At Exonar Danny is responsible for maximising outcomes and value for customers, through the impressive technology and outstanding people that work here.

 Mike Aspinall copy-1

Mike Aspinall

Chief Financial Officer

Mike brings over 13 years' experience as CFO in a number of Private Equity, Venture Capital, AIM-listed and owner managed businesses across software, technology, media and services sectors. He is responsible for all things financial at Exonar, and has a particular passion for managing businesses through periods of change and growth.

 TonyBuck Canal copy

Tony Buck

Chief Revenue Officer

Tony is an experienced sales professional who has worked at a number of world leading information management and cyber security software vendors over the past 20 years. Most recently Tony has held senior sales leadership positions at Check Point Software and FireEye. At Exonar he is responsible for building and executing the company's sales strategy.

 James McCarthy copy

James McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer

James joined us from Microsoft, bringing extensive senior-level experience building and driving compelling brand and product propositions in technology.  James also founded two startups and worked for Vodafone during the boom-years of the mobile industry.  As a strong advocate of customer-centric marketing, James is here to make our brand and product one that people love, understand and trust.

 Tim Cutland

Tim Cutland

Professional Services Director

Tim joined Exonar having built a successful career leading the development and delivery of complex service solutions in the UK and Europe. Tim believes that we can only be successful by understanding what our customer are trying to achieve, helping them do it and feeling it personally if things go wrong. At Exonar he’s responsible for pre-sales, support, professional services and customer success.

 SImon CPG_EXONAR_22 copy

Simon Orr

Chief Scientific Officer

Simon led the development of complex LoB and CRM applications for Teleperformance, one of the largest BPO companies in the world. Campaigns included the UK Identity & Passport Service, Renault, the Teachers Information Line and the DWP. At Exonar, Simon was instrumental in creating the first version of our search appliance. His role now is to identify client needs and discover innovative solutions for the engineering team to meet those requirements.

Watch the video to find out why information drives intelligent organisations.

Knowing what data an organisation has, and where it is stored is fundamental to managing risk, grasping insight and driving any business forward.

Data discovery like google, only inside your enterprise

Uncover your structured and unstructured data at vast scale for the first time,
so you know the truth about the risk and the value that’s there.



Discover both your structured and unstructured data from any source.


An index with billions of items of your data, enabling instant search.


Every item of information, not just the metadata is revealed, so you don’t get false positives.

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