WEBINAR: How to avoid the pitfalls of data migration in 2021



Cloud migration is a journey. And like all journeys there are several paths to get there (some more challenging than others). Success is about how you navigate the path and avoid the pitfalls.

In this webinar we share the learnings from others who've done this before. You'll hear what a group of security, IT and data professionals tell us are the pitfalls, and how to avoid then. You'll also hear from John Harris, former CTO at Mundipharma who has been involved in many migrations.

Watch and discover what you should be considering to ensure your migration is smooth sailing.

In this webinar you will find out:

> Why its no longer ok to ignore data black holes

> Why you need the support of the people around you

> How to ensure your migration drives value for the business

Presented by:

James McCarthy, CMO, Exonar

John Harris, CTO, Global Talent (and former CTO at Mundipharma)