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What personal data does your organisation hold? Do you really know?

By Anna Cotton  On May 12, 2021
What personal data does your company hold and where is it stored? Simple enough questions, and... Read More

Exonar & Softwerx's top 5 data migration myths and recommendations

By Jamie O'Kelly  On May 11, 2021
We all operate within the information age, where data has become one of the world’s most... Read More

Exonar are recruiting new professional services and consulting partners to fuel growth plans

By Jamie O'Kelly  On March 22, 2021
Exonar is recruiting new professional services and consulting partners to deliver business value... Read More

Extending into the US Federal Government and commercial industries with Anacomp

By Jamie O'Kelly  On February 26, 2021
We're really excited to announce that we're bringing the power of the world-leading Exonar... Read More

Exonar secures additional funding from its investors to fuel growth

By James McCarthy  On February 8, 2021
Following the news that we've been recognised by Tech Nation as "one to watch" and one of UK’s... Read More

Exonar recognised by Tech Nation as one of the UK’s fastest growing scaleups

By James McCarthy  On January 27, 2021
Exonar is excited to be recognised today as one of the UK's fastest growing tech scaleups, and... Read More

Three transformational steps to a successful cloud migration

By Anna Cotton  On January 13, 2021
Cloud is not a quick fix The good news: 96% of companies have migrated to the cloud1. The bad... Read More

Our latest release makes management & support easier

By James McCarthy  On December 21, 2020
Today we announce our final software release of 2020, Exonar Reveal version 4.4.0.  This release... Read More

Exonar & Anacomp partner to deliver mission-critical data indexing services to US federal agencies

By Jamie O'Kelly  On December 2, 2020
Exonar is pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement with Federal document and record... Read More

Six things we learnt this year that will change data strategy in 2021

By Anna Cotton  On December 1, 2020
No-one could have predicted that 2020 would be so disruptive to organisations the world over.... Read More