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Top Tips for Data Governance and Security

By Emily Hyde  On January 7, 2022
Don't ever say, "It won't happen to me." Every organisation is at risk from a data breach and... Read More

Why the Apache Log4j utility vulnerability does NOT impact Exonar Reveal

By Emily Hyde  On December 16, 2021
You may be aware of a recent, highly publicised vulnerability in the Apache log4j library. This... Read More

Seven predictions for data security and protection in 2022

By Emily Hyde  On December 13, 2021
Already, the year is drawing to a close which means two things:• It’s mulled wine season• We’re... Read More

How the IT and Data industry contribute to global warming (and what to do about it)

By Anila Mushtaq  On December 3, 2021
Post COP26, and with the urgent need for organisations and individuals to take action, we... Read More

Facing into a breach (and the ICO!)…

By Gareth Tranter  On December 1, 2021
It’s happening!The whole world is now in agreement on a seriously uncomfortable truth; if your... Read More