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Our clients often ask us to work with them to develop solutions to their data problems. This happens in Exonar Labs.


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Where ideas are incubated

We think it’s important to invest time in experimenting with what is possible, or thought impossible.

Labs is where our super clever, super techy guys and gals get to ply their trade. We like to call them our data scientists.

In Labs they have the space to challenge the expected way of doing things.

Many of the solutions that come out of Labs are co-created with clients and eventually inform our data discovery product roadmap so that others can benefit.

Clients tell us our approach of openly collaborating with them is something they haven’t seen from other tech companies. Which makes us pretty proud.

An insight into just a slice of the ‘project’ work our labs do

Our labs team are working on many crazy things, sometimes in response to customer requests, sometimes to out of curiosity or to make our core data discovery product better.

We can’t talk about all of them here, but below is a sample of recent projects.




Graph single-view database Researching the best techniques to initiate graph databases to deliver single-view of any entity in multiple data stores.  In Progress
Generative document analysis Generating contextual information surrounding written documents, with the aim of highlight insights and relationships that weren’t written by the author. Paused
Contextual topic extraction Taking a broader view to identify topics within information, based on the context of individual documents. Complete
Document Risk Scoring Investigating powerful ways to score the individual risk profile of individual documents, based on a range of factors. Prioritised
Semantic Search
Using semantics to augment search and deliver more meaningful search results for a given term.

Want to know more about our research?

We’re always keen to collaborate with anyone who shares our passion for getting more out of information and data. We’ve completed many interesting projects in the lab – maybe addressing your challenge will be our next?


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