WEBINAR: Stronger data governance and security



Three is the magic number: How to align information security, data protection and employees to deliver stronger data governance and security.

Preventing malware attacks … tick.
Foiling attacks from cyber criminals… tick.
Monitoring for suspicious behaviours in the network… tick.
Securing unstructured data on the inside of the organisation … oh …

Getting a grip on data causes headaches, because you can’t secure what you don’t know you’ve got.

When it comes to the data in your organisation, you’re not alone in tackling the problem of driving better adherence to data policies by employees, as well as stronger data governance and security processes in general. There are colleagues and senior stakeholders with shared interests and objectives for data governance across the organisation.

Join us at this webinar to hear what data leaders across infosec and privacy told us, at a roundtable, about how they collaborate to share responsibility and drive better governance and data security.

What you’ll hear:

  • UK data governance leaders’ data priorities for 2020
  • How to win hearts and minds around data governance priorities
  • Why automating data governance is key and how to do it
  • How to raise the profile of data as a valuable asset in the organisation