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Data discovery case studies from some of the most highly regulated, security-aware and data-centric companies in the world. Check them out – you may see some parallels with your data challenges!

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Global Pharmaceutical Company removes £millions in risk from a newly-merged organisation’s data and drives governance best practice

A new business is created from the merger of two pharmaceutical organisations and is acutely aware that it may inadvertently inherit significant risk from the combined data estates.

It turns to Exonar to help with this data governance and compliance challenge.


Arrow Global powers its competitive advantage with Exonar data discovery software

Arrow Global powers its competitive advantage with Exonar data discovery software

Arrow Global uses Exonar Reveal to gain total visibility over a data estate exceeding 160TB.

By using data discovery software to identify what it has and where it is, data can be secured in a regulatory and contractually compliant way.

And by joining the dots to combine data in highly complex ways and in a visual format, Exonar Reveal is giving technical and non-technical users the insights they need to make strategic decisions about how to commercialise its data and strengthen its competitive advantage.

Powering data management in a pharma company

Global pharmaceuticals organisation finds corporate ‘crown jewels’ in data for litigation searches and saves 7-figure sum

This global pharmaceutical network were finding that requirements to locate specific data for litigation searches were increasing, and that considerable time could be spent searching vast data repositories for this information.

With Exonar Reveal, they discovered a tool with the potential to become part of its fabric for managing data.

By creating structure around its unstructured data and placing the power back into the hands of the people who benefit most from the data’s insights, Exonar data discovery is empowering this pharma company through increased speed of data mining, and improved accuracy in pinpointing relevant data.

Securing data on the inside

Global pharmaceuticals organisation enables complete visibility of data, minimises data breach risk & gets 500% ROI

Concerned about the volume of data in its estate, and how widespread its personal and sensitive information might be across the business, this global pharmaceutical network's CISO needed to know exactly what data the business had and where it was.

Finding and deploying Exonar Reveal is bringing clarity to a mature organisation that has accumulated a treasure trove of information over the years. Now using data discovery software and able to see its data at scale, as well as how users are interacting with that data, the organisation can employ the right remediation actions to secure and protect it.


The DPO at a transportation company receives more than they were expecting as Exonar Reveal finds its unstructured data

When this transportation company signed up for Exonar Reveal to make sense of its vast data estate and help with Subject Access Requests (SARs), it never anticipated finding a data discovery tool that could enhance data governance, enable a re-think of retention policies, strengthen its security posture and give data the attention it deserves in the boardroom.

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