Index all of your data in a whole new way

Exonar Reveal is the data discovery tool using data indexing to give you a fully enriched and instantly searchable view of all your organisation’s data in one place for the first time.


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How Exonar Reveal works in your organisation

1. Connect

With agent-less connection to organisational data, connect to all your common data sources


2. Ingest

Ingestion of over 950 file types. E.g: Documents, email, zip files and database rows. Secure your local big storage data


3. Enrich

Accurately identify sensitive data types. E.g: NI numbers, passports, credit cards, passwords, religion or ethnicity related information


4. Index

A single comprehensive and instantly searchable index of billions of items of your organisation's data giving you always up-to-date information and lightening-quick search


What is a Data Index? 

A centralised, interactive view of all your structured, unstructured and semi-structured information of all types

at vast scale, so you can secure and govern, manage its complexity and extract value


How is Exonar Reveal deployed?

For security reasons Exonar Reveal and the resulting data index are always deployed within your organisation. This can be on a virtual machine or on dedicated hardware.

Our solid security model is the result of working with early customers in the defense industry who required the most stringent of security protocols. That continues today in our work with customers in highly regulated, and highly security aware industries.

Benefits of Data Indexing & Discovery


Track processes

With data discovery you have complete visibility over your data governance structure. Data stewards can keep track of how data is being handled, shared and stored by its owners. This enables the business to embed data privacy, protection and security by design.


Turn policies into practice

Formulating data policies and turning them into practice keeps them front and centre and embedded within your organisation, reducing risk. Data discovery software tools allow you to track where policies are being followed and where they aren’t, so you can nudge people to do the right thing.


Board buy-in

With data breaches and cyber security threats on the rise, data discovery allows your board to make informed decisions around investment in risk mitigation to protect the business.

Establish levels of risk 

Data discovery allows you to discover what’s an acceptable level of data risk to your business as there will be internal costs, but also regulatory implications and reputational damage in the event of a breach.

Find your 'crown jewel' data

You can run a programme of data discovery and indexing to expose any ‘crown jewel’ or hidden valuable corporate data so you can make informed decisions about how to both secure and use it.

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