Drive productivity improvements in strategic IT & Operations

Understand what data you have, where it is and how old it is, improve data quality and manage IT operations better.


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Strategic IT & Operations begins with data discovery

Discover your data, improve data quality, enable efficient data migration.

There’s a cost associated with moving our legacy data to the cloud. Exonar gives us the laser precision to discover the data we need and the peace of mind to delete with confidence. Over a 2-4 year period that equates to an ROI of 200%.”

Chief Technology Officer,Global Pharmaceuticals company

Operationalise data for your business

Get visibility over all your organisation’s data so you can manage it at scale from one central platform.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBOptimise data storage costs         

Discover your data, understand what’s there and define intelligent data controls so you know exactly what to move to cheaper storage locations based on the data’s content, value and risk.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBManage cloud migrations

Identify what data exists in specific data stores, what should be de-duplicated, archived or deleted, and clean it up before a cloud migration. 

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Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBImprove data quality across the estate

Uncover all the unstructured content in your organisation’s file shares, shared drives, databases and mail servers so you know with certainty what to migrate archive or delete, improving overall data quality.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBStrengthen data management

Gain visibility into the sheer volume and complexity of your organisation’s data so that finally, you know what information you’ve got and where it’s stored, enabling stronger data management.

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