WEBINAR: How to implement a successful data discovery programme



Have you decided to drive through a data discovery programme in your organisation? Are you worried that it’s a large-scale change programme and implementing it might be like trying to eat an elephant? Sometimes this type of software deployment can feel too big, too chewy and a bit indigestion-inducing!

Well, we’ve got the solution for you.

Watch our series of three webinars where we will show you how to eat the elephant without overdoing it. How to break down a data discovery implementation and ongoing programme into a manageable process and logical steps.

Joining us on all three webinars is a veteran of the data discovery implementation, our own Exonar customer Dave Parker from Arrow Global.

Dave drove Arrow Global’s programme of data discovery internally, getting the board and other teams aligned and excited about what they could achieve, putting structure around it and ensuring its success.

So, watch our webinar series and let us guide you through the three-stages. You’ll get to hear Dave Parker from Arrow Global share his suggestions, experiences and top tips on how to drive change in your organisation with data discovery.

Hear from our data discovery experts:

  • James McCarthy, CMO, Exonar (Host)
  • Tim Cutland, VP Services, Exonar
  • Dave Parker, Arrow Global

WEBINAR 1: Held Wednesday 24th June: How to get internal buy-in for a data discovery programme – View the recording below

WEBINAR 2: Held Wednesday 15th July: How to put the programme structure in place – View the recording below

WEBINAR 3: Held Wednesday 5th August: How to ensure your data discovery success – View the recording below


Webinar 1: How to get internal buy-in for a data discovery programme

Held on 24th June 2020

Find out how to get top down consensus from your stakeholders for your data discovery journey, deployment and programme. We show you how to establish the business need, work out who to get onside and how to create excitement. As well as how to articulate what success will look like.

You’ll hear how to:

  • Structure the argument for data discovery, figure out the business need and attach a budget
  • Establish who your sponsors and stakeholders are
  • Position this as a change programme
  • Bring data discovery to life by means of a physical or virtual ‘roadshow’ to drive excitement and desire

Webinar 2: How to put the data discovery implementation structure in place

Held on 15th July 2020

You’ll learn what makes a good data discovery programme and what the benchmarks of success are. In this webinar we take you through our tried-and-tested logical approach to deploying data discovery software in the enterprise.

You’ll hear:

  • How to structure a step-by-step approach
  • Which people, process and technology are needed at what stage
  • How to keep the momentum going
  • How to show value to the business

Webinar 3: How to ensure your data discovery success

Held on 5th August 2020

In this webinar we show you how to push on through with your data discovery programme. How to keep the momentum going, and keep your stakeholders engaged and enthusiastic, to ensure adoption by the right teams.

What’s you’ll learn:

  • How to build the right use cases
  • How to ensure wider teams understand why data discovery matters and adopt the technology
  • Why the ‘roadshow’ will be needed again
  • How to put together an internal comms and marketing push
  • How to show value to the business