WEBINAR: The Skeletons in your unstructured data



Every business faces the same problem: not knowing what data they’ve got or where it’s stored. There are lumps and bumps under the carpet all over the place, but what do they contain? Are there skeletons lurking in your data which may suddenly and unexpectedly come to light?

In our research, 95% of IT Professionals told us it’s a challenge to get visibility across their organisation’s data estate. And 65% think that dark data poses a high risk.

In this webinar we share what we’ve learnt about what’s in a typical organisation’s data estate. We show you how data discovery software can reveal where the skeletons are most often hidden, how much of your data is most probably unstructured or ‘dark’ and how to find the unknowns, so you can mitigate the risk of nasty surprises in your data.