Better privacy and GDPR compliance

Identify what personal data your organisation holds, automate data protection and operationalise the implementation of privacy policies.


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Privacy and compliance begins with data discovery

Simplify privacy and GDPR compliance by getting right to the heart of the matter: finding, mapping and managing your data.

“We looked at several software technologies to extend our privacy programme, but Exonar’s software offered us the most agile and effective data discovery approach.”

Data Protection Officer, Transportation Company

Operationalise privacy and GDPR compliance

Find, reveal and act on all your company’s data at scale from one central platform

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBFind PII across your whole data estate              

Identify what personally identifiable information (PII) your organisation holds, including the 85% that is dark, so you can remediate it and remove the risk, ensuring your organisation remains secure and protected.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBPut privacy policy into practice

Upload your GDPR data privacy policy, run regular automated searches, and Identify where they’ve have been side-stepped so you can nudge the individuals involved to fix the problem.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBAutomate your governance program   

Take privacy and compliance beyond spreadsheets, interviews and manual processes and into making the right decisions informed by what you find in the data.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBStreamline Subject Access Requests

Search your organisation’s entire data estate. Find and gather all the information you need for a Data Subject Access Request in hours not weeks.

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