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Get the world’s leading data discovery software product designed to index your structured and unstructured information at huge scale. So you can discover and reduce the extent of the risk hidden within it.


"You’d expect to find a tool as powerful as this in the territory of Silicon Valley."

CTO, Global Pharmaceuticals company

Discover your data instantly

Find unprotected risky and sensitive information across all your structured and unstructured data instantly. From billions of items to the one you need in seconds.

Exonar Arrows_Pink_RGBIndexing, not scanning

Get a comprehensive, always up-to-date index of your entire data estate.

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Data Overview Dashboard

Visualise on one screen what’s in your data and click through to find the detail.

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Risk & Privacy Dashboards

Get an instant view of the files that present a risk or compromise data protection, so you can take action.

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Lightning quick search

Use the powerful search to find what you need in seconds, not hours or days.

Exonar Reveal Data Discovery Software

“The interface between the user and Exonar Reveal is what sets the product apart. It's the natural choice.”

Dave Parker, Global Head of Data Governance, Arrow Global

Exonar Reveal Data Discovery Software Search Query

Act on your data with ease

With unprecedented visibility of your data, start using it more effectively with workflows, analysis and remediation.

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Data management workflows

Set up automated searches to find newly created risky and sensitive data on an ongoing basis

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Data protection automation

Get on top of whether data protection rules are being followed internally, with automated data policy searches

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Data classification

Classify the data you find quickly and simply with pre-defined tags or create your own as needed and identify the data that's for review, revision or remediation

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Single view of everything

Join the dots in disparate data silos to find the connections, and power your organisation

“There are so many different ways Exonar Reveal adds value to our business.”

DPO at a transportation company

Grow and extend your capability

Plug Exonar Reveal into your current best-of-breed data management systems. By connecting them to the Exonar Index, you access and act on a set of data like no other, to protect and power your organisation.

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Published API

Connect to the published API to pull data into your other data systems of record

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Enables integration into best-in-breed complimentary technologies

Exonar Reveal Data Discovery Software API

Take a deeper dive into Exonar Reveal features

All in one Homepage, helping you organise your activities

The Exonar Reveal homepage gives users a high-level overview of their activities within the platform. These activities can include the number of items identified as containing personal information, as well as high, medium, and low risk information. The homepage is a quicker and easier way to access the key platform features.

Exonar Reveal login page laptop-1-1

Dynamic Tutorials, leading you every step of the way

Users are presented with an interactive guided tutorial for each page they navigate to. Tutorials provide step by step instructions on each page, allowing you to ‘practice’ using product features


Identify and analyse specific data sets with Duplication Fingerprint

Organisations typically hold large amounts of duplicated data. Documents and files are saved, shared, and copied across data estates. The Duplication Fingerprint allows you to you accurately identify and analyse duplicate information within specific data sets. 

Duplication Fingerprint

Quick access to key system information directly from the user interface

The System Overview page provides a summary of information about the hardware, software, and network you are using with Exonar Reveal, saving time and bringing together system information to make support and operations quicker and easier.


Track your data ingestion with ease

Gain visibility on the progress of a crawl. Ingested items are tracked through three phases, ‘Discovered’, ‘Crawled’ and ‘Analysed’. The numbers of items currently in each phase are shown.

Crawl ingestion process-1

Simple and easy access to platform information with Telemetry reports

The Telemetry feature allows users to view and download reports on platform details and metrics. A new report is automatically produced every 30 days or you can manually generate reports any time. Users must have a Security Manager role to access this feature.


SMB File Owner Discovery

Detect and report on file owner information when creating a new data source. Enabling you to derive ownership of documents outside of relying upon author names in headers/footers/tags which can be incorrect or outdated.

SMB File Owner Discovery

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