Removes £millions in risk from a newly-merged organisation's data and drives governance best practice 

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The Business Challenge

A new business is created from the merger of two pharmaceutical organisations and is acutely aware that it may inadvertently inherit significant risk from the combined data estates.

The new company has legal and regulatory responsibility for its data, yet knows there’s likely to be corporate sensitive information, intellectual property and personal health information in the unstructured information that needs to be separated and secured. It also wants to be sure that only the correct information is moved, and there’s no risk of any data from the previous organisations being mixed up in the new company.

It turns to Exonar to help with this data governance and compliance challenge.

Solving the business challenge with Exonar Reveal

Data is extracted, indexed and discovered:

Enabling remediation of data:

Tens of thousands of files with names, addresses, medical records or other information is found to have been downloaded from structured databases
Over 50% of the total data has not been modified for over 5 years
50 - 75% of the data identified with a retention policy, is outside of scope

Less than 1% is marked with classification labels to indicate sensitive data

The level of risky data discovered is so severe, the business cannot not ignore it and must remediate it

Tens of thousands of files are separated or deleted using custom scripts and other methods

Ongoing data risk management and compliance plans are put in place to control future information storage and usage policies

Potential data breach and regulatory risk is massively reduced and governance best practice implemented

Business outcome & benefits


Value of the risk reduction once sensitive, personal & confidential information in the merged data is removed


Total data found that had not been modified for over 5 years and was remediated


Efficiency improvement of the  data review team by using Exonar Reveal


Reduced storage costs from not migrating unnecessary data

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