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The data discovery company using data indexing to find what you don’t know you’ve got across your entire data estate.

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Used by information security, privacy & compliance, and IT operations teams.


Locate and remove risky data


Find the toxic and risky data that's hidden in your organisation's data estate, including the 85% that's dark. So you can remediate it and avoid internal or external data breaches.

"Everyone needs to know where their data is. Exonar is solving this specific problem."


CISO, Global Pharmaceutical company


Find PII across your data estate


Identify what personally identifiable information (PII) your organisation holds in unstructured and structured data, so you can remediate it and remain compliant with GDPR regulations.

"We need to be compliant ... and Exonar is producing very real and tangible results."

Dave Parker, Group Head of Data Governance, Arrow Global


Manage cloud migrations


Reduce the cost of migrating data by 40% by identifying what data exists in specific storage. Decide what should be de-duplicated, archived or deleted, and only migrate the data that matters.

"Exonar gives us the laser precision to delete with confidence."


CTO, Global Pharmaceutical company

Exonar X

Imagine having data discovery like Google, only inside your enterprise

Uncover your company's structured and unstructured data at vast scale for the first time. From billions of items to the one you need in seconds, so you know the truth about what’s there.



Connect to your organisation’s most commonly found data sources



Index billions of items of your organisation’s structured and unstructured information



View your data in a dashboard or drill down to the content of every item, not just the metadata

Meet Exonar Reveal. Loved by information security, privacy, compliance & IT operations teams.


Find out why information drives intelligent organisations

Knowing what data your organisation has, and where it is stored is fundamental to managing risk, grasping insight and driving your business forward.

Exonar Data Discovery

Know your data. Know the truth

With Exonar, you get ultimate visibility into your organisation’s data so you can identify the risks you face and the opportunities to use your data as an asset.


Index your data

You get data discovery software that’s easy to deploy and manage. It’s the enabler that allows your organisation to know their data by creating an index of everything and bringing it together in one place in a single, clickable dashboard.


Act on your data

Get immediate business value with search, workflow, analysis, remediation and other capabilities, driven by an easy experience.


Extend your capability

Enable other best-of-breed systems and partners to access the enriched index of everything, extending your reach to protect and power your organisation.

Meet the clients driving change with epic data discovery


“You’d expect to find a tool as powerful as this in the territory of Silicon Valley, so I was impressed to see a British startup solving the huge challenge we all struggle with: that of data visibility at scale."

Chief Technology Officer at a Pharmaceutical company


"Exonar is developing best-of-breed technology because the team is going the extra mile on a daily basis. It’s the best experience I’ve had of working with a solution provider in over 20 years."

Group Head of Data Governance at a  Financial Services company


“Exonar is a really good data discovery tool, which is very insightful. The team has always given me more than I was ever expecting – always asking; ‘have you thought about this?’"

Data Protection Officer at a   Transportation company

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