Enables complete visibility
of data, minimises data breach risk & gets 500% ROI

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The Business Challenge

With 4,500 staff and a culture of remote working, the organisation urgently needs to know where the corporate ‘crown jewels’ and sensitive information is hidden in unstructured data to ensure security, protection and compliance. As a company that’s decades old, there is scientific and technical information hidden in emails, the enterprise vault storage, hard drives and other unstructured data, presenting a huge risk of data breach.

Manually locating information is slow and inaccurate even when using native tools. This creates an urgent requirement to discover and put structure around unstructured data to protect the business, while ensuring users can access what they need to get on with their jobs. So the business turns to Exonar data discovery

Exonar Reveal is compelling because it can find all the data, wherever it is. Where other products might focus on spotting breaches, Exonar Reveal helps us to take early remediation actions. I’d rather prevent a breach than only be geared up to respond to a breach. We haven’t found another provider that has the depth of Exonar’s data discovery proposition. 

Chief Information Security Officer, Pharmaceuticals Company

Solving the business challenge with Exonar Reveal

Data is extracted, indexed and discovered to enable remediation of data:

235 million items discovered and surfaced from the Enterprise Vault.
18 million items found to contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Valuable patent information is discovered so Exonar Reveal is also used for litigation searches.
Visibility enables classification, deletion and migration at scale and shapes the organisation’s retention policy.
Clarity around data & accountability enables better strategic data management
Automated governance is enabled by plugging the Exonar Reveal index into Azure Information Protection & Office 365 Compliance Centre

Business outcome & benefits


Value of risk in Enterprise Vault alone identified and managed by putting controls around sensitive data


ROI from using  data discovery across all the company’s use cases including data cleansing prior to cloud migration.


Efficiency savings from search capability in Exonar enabling valuable patent information to be found accurately.


ROI from the laser precision to discover the data they need and peace of mind to delete with confidence.

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