Finds corporate ‘crown jewels’ in data for litigation searches and saves 7-figure sum

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The Business Challenge

Significant commercial, scientific and technical information is hidden in emails, the enterprise vault storage, hard drives and other unstructured data that’s decades old in this global pharmaceutical network organisation.

Unstructured data continues to grow at 65% per year across this 100TB estate annually. Manually locating the right data in litigation searches in order to prove valuable patent ownership becomes impossible, slow and inaccurate even when using native tools.

This creates an urgent requirement to discover and put structure around unstructured data to gain faster time to information and locate company ‘crown jewels’ accurately to validate patents

Exonar has created something quirky, something unique, and yet something that’s very tangible. The speed with which searches come back means that it has a real business use, because we have the ability to run queries instantly and without external help.

Global Chief Technology Officer, Pharmaceuticals Company

Solving the business challenge with Exonar Reveal

Information is extracted, indexed and discovered to enable remediation of data:

A fully searchable index of the organisation’s data is created.
Lightening-quick searches bring back near 100% accurate results instantly.
Clear evidence of historical information, transactions and events establishes facts fast for litigations.

Visibility enables classification of corporate sensitive information as well as risky data at scale

The Exonar index allows the organisation to conduct its own investigations rather than employ a 3rd party to help

Clarity around data & accountability enables better strategic data management

Business outcome & benefits


of pounds saved by having a tool that enables the company to conduct its own investigations.


ROI from implementing data discovery across all the company’s use cases.


Efficiency savings from search capability in Exonar enabling valuable patent information to be found accurately.


ROI from the laser precision to discover the data they need and peace of mind to delete with confidence.

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