Preparing for data migration with data discovery

Minimise the cost of data migration and improve data quality by moving only the information your business needs. Separate the valuable data from the toxic or redundant information easily with Exonar Reveal, your pre-data migration tool.

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The data migration challenge

Consumer and commercial financial services companies hold significant volumes of ‘risky’ or sensitive unstructured data such as PII and key client information, respectively. And with legacy data stores and practices in most mature financial organisations pre-dating the stringent regulations enforced by PCI DSS, FCA, PRA and GDPR,  there's a good chance that you'll have high volumes of non-compliant information buried deep within your data estate.

If this information is not adequately secured, classified or deleted, there's a massive risk of reputational damage and high monetary fines in the event of a data breach or leak.

That's why ‘knowing your data’ is so important if you are preparing for a data migration project, or any other data initiative.

How to prepare for a smarter data migration with Exonar Reveal


Find your business critical & useable data

Find the 19% of the information you're storing that's actually useful, and then classify and secure it for migration


Clean up redundant, obsolete or trivial data

Reduce the volume of data you migrate, saving on storage costs and 'tidying' up your estate to restore employee productivity.


Get visibility of your unstructured data

Remove the risk by finding non-compliant information, unprotected sensitive documents and files with large volumes of PII.

"There’s a cost associated with moving our legacy data to the cloud. Exonar gives us the laser precision to discover the data we need and the peace of mind to delete with confidence. Over a 2-4 year period that equates to an ROI of 200%.”

CTO, Global Pharmaceuticals company

Get visibility of your data estate before a migration

Exonar Reveal provides central visibility of your organisation’s data estate, allowing you to quickly assess large data sets at scale, or drill into specific information with a detailed view beyond just the metadata. After you’ve identified and tagged required information, you can then remediate it outside of the platform with confidence.

Overview dashboard

View everything across your entire data estate in one place. Find duplicated, redundant, obsolete and trivial data, and information using lots of storage space. Drill into each item and use data visualisations to easily establish what is business critical and what can be removed. 

Advanced search

Search for unsecured toxic and risky unstructured data that isn’t password protected and tag items requiring attention to protect your organisation from reputational damage in the event of a breach.

Risk dashboard

Gain quick oversight of spreadsheets and files containing significant volumes of PII or credit card numbers which could be non-compliant with financial regulation authority standards.

Privacy Dashboard

Establish which data stores are holding large volumes of PII and understand the sensitive subjects and topics most referred to in your organisation’s unstructured data. Find risky files stored in unexpected data stores.

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