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What to expect from an Exonar demo

Experience Exonar's powerful Data Discovery Software in Action in a live demo with one of our experts. 

Discover how Data Discovery software enables you to find and fix the risk in your data.

The overview dashboard, Privacy & Risk dashboards, Advanced Search. Get a tour of the features and functionality most relevant to your specific data challenge.

Share your data pain points and we'll show you how others have have solved theirs.


Know your data. Know the truth. With Exonar

Discover your data instantly at scale. Uncover risk and value at vast scale across your entire data estate.
Act on your data with ease and effectiveness using advance search, workflow, analysis and remediation.
Using the Exonar Index, you access and act on a set of data like no other, to protect and power your organisation.

“The interface between the user and Exonar Reveal is what sets the product apart. It's the natural choice.”

Dave Parker, Global Head of Data Governance, Arrow Global