Exonar and Roc Technologies partner to help organisations across multiple sectors uncover and understand their data landscape


Exonar and Roc Technologies are pleased to announce a strategic partnership helping organisations across multiple sectors including, the Life Sciences, Critical National Infrastructure and Higher Education uncover and understand their data landscape at scale.

Every organisation faces both the challenge and opportunity of owning large quantities of data and implementing a data management strategy. By combining Exonar’s world-leading data discovery technology with Roc’s proven ability to deliver effective transformation strategies, customers will be able to know and act on their data like never before.

Commenting on the agreement, Exonar's CEO Danny Reeves said, “We believe that data should power and protect the organisations and the people they serve. Building on previous success we are excited to combine our data discovery capabilities with Roc’s proven technology solutions and managed services, enabling us to uncover and understand customers data landscape at scale, driving value in the Life Sciences, Critical Infrastructure and Higher Education sectors.”

CEO and Founder at Roc, Matt Franklin, commented, “We’ve already successfully engaged customers together to solve digital transformation challenges. Roc is really excited about adding Exonar’s unique data discovery capabilities to our technology solutions and managed services for customers”. Roc’s CTO, Jeremy Humphrey, added, “Exonar is an invaluable solution to help organisations understand their data when moving to the cloud. It also provides the ongoing analytics and insight needed to optimise cloud environments and ensure good data governance. When combined with Roc’s managed services we can provide holistic solutions to help organisation with their digital transformation initiatives. “

Both parties are excited about this new partnership and the many benefits it offers to the Life Sciences, Critical Infrastructure and Higher Education sectors.

Contact information

For more information on Roc Technologies, please email Georgina.tilby@roctechnologies.com
For more information about Exonar, please email tellmemore@exonar.com