Anna Cotton

What personal data does your organisation hold? Do you really know?

By Anna Cotton  On May 12, 2021
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Three transformational steps to a successful cloud migration

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Six things we learnt this year that changes data strategy in 2021

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BA's GDPR Breach Penalty Sets New Precedents

By Anna Cotton  On October 22, 2020
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GDPR data breaches & trust: how can the CISO manage reputational risk?

By Anna Cotton  On October 15, 2020
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Analysis reveals two key reasons behind 70% of GDPR breach fines

By Anna Cotton  On September 30, 2020
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Putting information governance back in the hands of the employee

By Anna Cotton  On September 20, 2020
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Running a cloud migration? Don’t let your sensitive data put you at risk

By Anna Cotton  On September 18, 2020
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New research reveals IT concerns over data breaches

By Anna Cotton  On September 10, 2020
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94% Of IT Professionals Have Experienced A Data Breach

By Anna Cotton  On September 10, 2020
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