Exonar & Anacomp partner to bring data discovery to the USA


Exonar is pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement with Federal document and record management experts, Anacomp Inc. Together we will be bringing solutions to support agency mission, by managing, capturing, classifying and indexing big data efficiently. 

All organisations face both the challenge and opportunity of owning large quantities of data and implementing a data management plan and strategy.By combining Exonar’s world leading data discovery software with Anacomps specialist knowledge and experience of developing systems and programs designed to help federal agencies complete their cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives. Exonar’s technology builds a powerful index of billions of data items that can be instantly searched for the information you need in seconds. 

Commenting on the agreement, Exonar's CEO Danny Reeves said, “We’re excited to be working with Anacomp, combining our data discovery capabilities with their proven success in the Federal Government space, helping to improve business processes, reduce costs and achieve compliance, through high quality conversion of official government records. 

Explaining more about Exonar’s technology, Reeves continued, “As data discovery experts we believe that your data should power and protect organisations and the people you serve. Exonar’s powerful software helps our customers find and understand the billions of items of data and information they hold and how to extract real value from it.” 

Anacomp CEO, Tom Cunningham, added, “ The addition of Exonar to our Data Discovery and Distillation (D3) service offering is a keystone to delivering intelligent automation support for records governance, cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives for our government and commercial customers. 

Both parties are excited about this new partnership and the many benefits it offers to the federal agencies and commercial customers. 

Contact information

For more information on Anacomp, please email marketing@anacomp.com
For more information about Exonar, please email tellmemore@exonar.com