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What can your organisation do in the fight against climate change?

By Emily Hyde  On November 4, 2021
The announcement from COP26, that by 2023 big UK firms and financial institutions will need to... Read More

How to find & use deviation information hidden in unstructured data

By Anna Cotton  On October 7, 2021
Unravelling threads and finding patterns in data to understand quality deviations is a key... Read More

How to exploit the unfair advantages in unstructured data!

By Gareth Tranter  On September 20, 2021
Unfair advantages? What is this madness, you may ask?Most organisations are happy to tell me... Read More

Three transformational steps to a successful cloud migration

By Anna Cotton  On January 13, 2021
Cloud is not a quick fix The good news: 96% of companies have migrated to the cloud1. The bad... Read More

Six things we learnt this year that changes data strategy in 2021

By Anna Cotton  On December 1, 2020
No-one could have predicted that 2020 would be so disruptive to organisations the world over.... Read More