Our latest release makes management and support easier


Today we announce our final software release of 2020, Exonar Reveal version 4.4.0.  This release is available today directly from Exonar, or and will be available for download from Microsoft Azure Marketplace on 8th January 2021.

We've been working hard to help our customers manage and operate Exonar Reveal more easily, looking at the common challenges faced in the operational IT environment. 

With this in mind, today's release brings enhancements and features in a number of manageability and support areas, together with a raft of minor improvements and fixes. With all of its enhancements, we can't wait to get this version live and indexing data in our customers' production environments, as soon as possible.

Easier access to performance information

Today we're introducing platform telemetry, as part of our commitment to surface as much performance information as we can from key areas of our platform.  Our ultimate aim is to help our customers identify and understand configuration or other issues in their production environment, before any reduction in performance occurs. It will also help support teams to diagnose and resolve issues more quickly when they do occur.


Commenting on the telemetry capability, Iain Alexander, Exonar Support Team Leader said "indexing data within complex environments at scale is a challenging activity and these new features will give customers extra visibility of performance in their own environment and make supporting and managing Exonar Reveal easier too". 



New, easier ways to track the data ingestion process

A key piece of product feedback has been the lack of on-screen visibility into the progress of individual crawl jobs, and where not complete, their status in ingesting specific data sources.  

image (1)

We have therefore added additional performance information for each crawl job, broken down into processing steps, with summary information for each stage of the process.

We believe this will make an immediate difference to customers, before we add further enhancements to this in future.

Quick access to basis system information from the UI

Another feature we have wanted to include for sometime is the ability to quickly access key platform information, directly from the user interface.  While this is a very simple update, it saves time and brings together system information to make support and operations quicker and easier.


Arrange your upgrade now!

Exonar Reveal version 4.4.0 is now available to all customers.  It can also be downloaded directly from Azure Marketplace from 8th January 2021.   We recommend contacting our customer support teams or your customer success manager for more information or guidance.

You can also download the release document here