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How to exploit the unfair advantages in unstructured data!

By Gareth Tranter  On September 20, 2021
Unfair advantages? What is this madness, you may ask?Most organisations are happy to tell me... Read More

Exonar is an ‘Emerging Leader’ in the Data Discovery Market

By Anna Cotton  On September 16, 2021
There’s a new Data Discovery Market Report out by MarketsandMarkets, evaluating where the sector... Read More

Building a business case for Data Discovery: What to consider

By Gareth Tranter  On August 26, 2021
Data Discovery is like installing a Google Search Engine in your organisation’s data estate. It... Read More

Infographic: IT professionals disagree over their ability to keep businesses secure & remediate risk

By Anna Cotton  On August 24, 2021
IT Teams and C-Suite executives have differing views when it comes to the perception of how... Read More

Exonar and BSI partner to help clients find & fix their data risk

By Jamie O'Kelly  On July 27, 2021
Exonar, world leading data discovery providers , has announced a new partnership with BSI, the... Read More