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The hidden dangers of data in the M&A process

By Gareth Tranter  On October 23, 2020
Originally published in Information Age There’s no denying that mergers and acquisitions (M&As)... Read More

BA's GDPR Breach Penalty Sets New Precedents

By Anna Cotton  On October 22, 2020
Originally published in Computer Weekly The 90% reduction in the fine levied on BA over a 2018... Read More

Why data is the missing link in your cybersecurity strategy

By Gareth Tranter  On October 21, 2020
Originally published in Help Net Security Everyone’s aware of how challenging maintaining a... Read More

GDPR data breaches & trust: what can the CISO do to manage reputational risk?

By Anna Cotton  On October 15, 2020
Data breaches can happen to anyone. And when you fall victim to an attack, it is going to be a... Read More

What personal data does your organisation hold? Does anyone really know?

By Anna Cotton  On October 3, 2020
What personal data does your company hold and where is it stored? Simple enough questions, and... Read More

Analysis reveals two key reasons behind 70% of GDPR breach fines

By Anna Cotton  On September 30, 2020
New analysis from Exonar has revealed that organisations across Europe have suffered GDPR fines... Read More

What opportunities & risks lie in your merger & acquisition deal data?

By Gareth Tranter  On September 29, 2020
Originally published in IT Pro Portal M&A activity involves understanding substantial data... Read More

The data governance process: How to use data to protect and power your business

Employees need to access data to do their jobs. But as data governance professionals, it’s our... Read More

Putting information governance back in the hands of the employee

By Anna Cotton  On September 20, 2020
It’s a common scenario we see all the time… As part of the GDPR regulation, organisations... Read More

Running a cloud migration? Don’t let your sensitive data put you at risk

By Anna Cotton  On September 18, 2020
Running your IT infrastructure in the cloud is beneficial for numerous reasons – it’s... Read More