Exonar are recruiting new professional services and consulting partners to fuel growth plans


Exonar is recruiting new professional services and consulting partners to deliver business value through data-driven insights to Enterprise customers.

Following the news that Exonar have been recognised by Tech Nation as ‘one to watch’ and one of the UK’s fastest growing tech scale ups, we are looking for new Professional Services and Consulting partners to fuel our growth plansThe Exonar Partner Program offers fully integrated solutions to customers, making it easier for them to discover, access, and make intelligent business decisions with their data. Existing Exonar partners include several “Big Four” consultancy firms and leading players in the data ecosystem. 

The Exonar Partner Program is key to our ability to support and serve our customers on their Data Discovery journeys. CEO Danny Reeves has never been more convinced about Exonar's purpose and mission and where we need to go next. “Today every company on Earth is a data company,” said Reeves. “The ability to see all data, in absolute detail, in one place, regardless of source and type, has been the one constant that has held us all back from maximising the true value of our data strategies." 

Our partners enable us to refine and scale how we work across the data ecosystem providing end users with the flexibility they need when selecting a trusted technology and service provider. We are adding more resource and support to partners and continue to strengthen relationships with existing partners to make it easier than ever for customers to work with us. 

Exonar Reveal delivers true data visibility to end users enabling them to understand their data at scale, in order to reduce risk, then uncover and extract business value.  

VP of Channel Sales, Steve Durkin commented “Having been shortlisted as one of the UK’s fastest growing tech scale ups, we’re delighted to be recruiting new professional services and consulting partners, as we look to accelerate our growth exponentially. Our partner program is a great way for consulting companies to earn good margin whilst delivering important customer value.” 

Visit the Exonar Partner Program for more information. 

“Having already seen success in helping customers to leverage and maximise their Microsoft 365 investment, we look to build on that with the support of Exonar from a data discovery perspective, strengthening the data governance process.”
David Smart, CEO at Softwerx 

"Exonar is an invaluable solution to help organisations understand their data when moving to the cloud. It also provides the ongoing analytics and insight needed to optimise cloud environments and ensure good data governance. When combined with our managed services we can provide holistic solutions to help organisation with their digital transformation initiatives. “ 
Matt Franklin, CEO and Founder at Roc 

“The addition of Exonar to our Data Discovery and Distillation (D3) service offering is a keystone to delivering intelligent automation support for records governance, cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives for our government and commercial customers. With Exonar’s Reveal platform we offer our customers the powerful ability to build a complete index of billions of data items, particularly unstructured data, to achieve regulatory compliance and privacy protection.” 
Thomas Cunningham, CEO at Anacomp Inc

About Exonar

Exonar is the world-leading data discovery company building the crucial indexing software organisations use to discover their data at scale, keep it safe and realise its value.

Every company faces the same problem; knowing what data they’ve got, and where it is stored. Exonar is the only software available today able to find and reveal billions of items of structured and unstructured information; enabling businesses to ‘know the truth’ about their data in order to reduce risk, uncover business value and deliver digital transformation.

Backed and funded by Beringea, Amadeus Capital Partners, Winton Ventures and Downing Ventures, Exonar boasts a growing list of large and well-recognised customers in the pharmaceutical, financial services and national critical infrastructure industries.

For more information on the Exonar Partner Program please contact Steve.Durkin@Exonar.com