Jamie O'Kelly

Extending into the US Federal Government & industry with Anacomp

By Jamie O'Kelly  On February 26, 2021
We're really excited to announce that we're bringing the power of the world-leading Exonar... Read More

What is data classification and why is it useful?

By Jamie O'Kelly  On February 24, 2021
Data classification involves analysing and sorting data into one or more 'classes', based on the... Read More

What is data indexing and how is it different?

By Jamie O'Kelly  On February 22, 2021
  Data indexing is the process of extracting valuable information from files and documents and... Read More

What is data discovery and what challenges does it solve?

By Jamie O'Kelly  On February 19, 2021
Data discovery involves systematically searching data repositories within organisations, to reveal... Read More

Exonar & Anacomp partner to bring data discovery to the USA

By Jamie O'Kelly  On December 2, 2020
Exonar is pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement with Federal document and record... Read More