LIVE DEMO: How to find your data before you secure it



Watch our Live Demo of Exonar, “Data discovery for governance, privacy & infosec” to see how data governance, privacy and Infosec professionals are using Exonar to find and identify both structured and unstructured data at scale for the first time, so it can be protected before it’s breached.

Particularly in these days of COVID-19 enforced home working, the reality for every business is when, not if, someone manages to enter the data estate from the outside and steal information causing a data breach. Of course, that threat actor could come from the inside of the organisation too, with internal staff unintentionally or maliciously violating data policies.

When there is no longer a perimeter to secure, getting visibility of devices, users and the information they are creating and storing is almost impossible.

Which means finding and securing organisational data is more important now than it has ever been.

If you are worried that you can’t find what needs protecting because you don’t know what data you’ve got and where it is, this Live Demo is for you!