LIVE DEMO: What's in the Legacy data you're moving to the cloud?



What you'll see in this data migration Live Demo:

  • How to get visibility of your legacy data from one central dashboard
  • How to locate PII and other risky data
  • How to figure out what data to move, remediate or delete

Presented by:

James McCarthy, CMO, Exonar

Liam Lillywhite-Buley, Demo God, Exonar

As part of the process of migrating to the cloud, you’ll be digging into legacy data stores and sets, trying to figure out what’s in them and if they need to be moved.

But how sure are you that you really do have detailed visibility of every file? Do you know with certainty that there’s no toxic data that may find its way into the cloud without being correctly classified, secured or even deleted?

Cleaning up data prior to a migration is critical to success. Identifying both valuable and redundant information means you migrate what you need and what is useable.