WEBINAR: The 2022 Data Governance & Security Agenda: Breaches, Fines & Dangers of Dark Data



Businesses face a massive challenge trying to secure their data against a breach, particularly when it’s unstructured. Data governance and security is everyone’s responsibility, we can no longer say “it won’t happen to me”. Every organisation is at risk, both for the company’s financial well-being and more importantly for its brand and reputation.

2021 saw the highest numbers of data breaches and security related incidents ever at an increase of 244%, with the average cost of a data breach now being in excess of £2.7m (IBM).

So, what are we as organisations and as individuals going to be doing this year to mitigate risk? Well, let’s find out from 3 industry figures, all who are at the front line of data security, GRC, cyber security and IT.

Hear first-hand from our expert panel:

  • Wisdom Aveh, GRC Lead, EMEA – Deckers Brands
  • Annick O’Brien, COO – Cybsafe
  • Dave Sharp, IT Manager – SLR Consulting