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Take a Test Drive of Exonar on your organisation's data

Try Exonar on your own data. Prove your business challenge. Find your route forward.

What you get from an Exonar Test Drive

  • An index of up to 1TB (or approx. 2 million items) of your organisation’s unstructured data so you can uncover areas of risk or business critical information.
  • Insight and advice from Exonar’s experienced team of data professionals.
  • A comprehensive data insight report focused on your business’s data challenges.
  • To see your data and the outcomes of your trial use-case in the Exonar Reveal platform.
  • Support and advice on how to roll out the deployment of data discovery in your organisation.
  • The proof you need to drive your data agenda up to the boardroom.

Expect the unexpected 

Previous Test Drives have revealed:


    • Unprotected corporate, sensitive & personal data.
    • High concentrations of ‘toxic’ or risky data.
    • Valuable information lost among volumes of redundant data.
    • Inappropriate or missing document classifications.
    • Aged and over-retained data which should be deleted.

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"You’d expect to find a tool as powerful as this in the territory of Silicon Valley, so I was impressed to see a British startup solving the huge challenge we all struggle with: that of data visibility at scale.”

John Harris, CTO, Mundipharma


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