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February Live Demo: How to figure out what unstructured data to migrate (and what to leave behind)

You're about to embark on a data migration project but there are unstructured data stores you know might contain risky and sensitive data. Watch this Live Demo Webinar and we'll show you how Exonar customers discover and separate their data at huge scale, without resorting to lengthy manual processes.

legacy data migration

January Live Demo: How to find out what's in the legacy data you're moving to the cloud

Cleaning up data prior to a migration is critical to success. Identifying both valuable and redundant information means you only migrate what you need and what is useable. In this Live Demo we will show you how to gain visibility of your data at scale across your data estate to identify what you need to migrate and what you need to encrypt or delete.


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December Live Demo: Monitor and Manage Information Governance Programmes better with Data Discovery

Are you finding it hard to ensure people adhere to information governance programmes? Are you relying on manual processes to manage and monitor whether data policies are being followed? In this demo we’ll show you how to swap time-consuming, tick-box practices for an automated information governance process.


The Infosec Live Demo

The Infosec Live Demo: How to get visibility across all your structured and unstructured data

A Live Demo for Infosec professionals on how to locate all your data, including that which is dark, so you can reduce the risk of a security breach. We’ll show you how other CISOs and Infosec professionals use Exonar’s software to get a grip on their organisational data.

Optimising data management projects

November Live Demo: Optimising Data Management Projects

Are your storage costs soaring with the growing volume of duplicated, redundant, obsolete and trivial data? In this demo we’ll show you how to get back to the data that really matters and cut the extra cost from your estate.

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October 2020: Extracting Hidden Data Assets With Data Discovery

Re-watch our October 30-minute live demo on “Extracting Hidden Data Assets with Data Discovery.”

Exonar Reveal creates an instantly searchable index of billions of items in your data estate, so you can find the structured and unstructured data you need in seconds. If data discovery sounds like something you need to power and protect your organisation.

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September 2020: Automating data privacy protection with data discovery.

Re-watch our September, 30-minute demo on “Automating Data Privacy and Protection with data discovery”.

Most organisations hold a multitude of personally identifiable information (PII), whether that’s to improve website functionality, communicate with customers or innovate in how they deliver their products and advertise their services.

However, how this personal data is stored, who has access to it, and what safeguards are in place to protect subject privacy can have significant consequences for businesses in light of a data breach.

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August 2020:Tackling data migration with data discovery.

Re-watch our August, 30-minute demo, on “Tackling data migration with data discovery.”

Data migration is something which many large organisations face as they look to transform their data estate and move to the cloud or a newer system.

But how do you even start to prepare your organisation’s data estate for migration if you don’t know what data you have, or where it is? And how can you be confident your organisation’s sensitive data is protected in the process?

Tackling over-retained data

July 2020:Tackling Over-retained Data with data discovery.

Over-retained data poses a threat if contains sensitive information. View our Live Demo to learn how to find and manage data at at scale across your estate.

How to find your data

June 2020: How to find your data before you secure it

This Live Demo of Exonar shows how data discovery solves the problem everyone has: how to find your data before securing it.

Sensitive data

April 2020: How to deal with sensitive data in your estate

Get under the hood of the Exonar technology and see how it can be used to find sensitive data in your information estate.


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