Integration & Support Services.

The early stages of deployment are key, to gain confidence and set a path towards more challenging goals. We are well aware of this and go beyond the expected to help you see early success.


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Learn how Exonar Reveal can help you discover your data, at scale.


Configuring our core engine and products for success.

We work with you to install and provision our core engine within your data centre. Often this is also on hardware specified by Exonar and provided as part of the agreement. It could however be installed on a virtual machine, running within your infrastructure.


Building connectivity using our repository connectors.

You may intend to integrate with a number of repositories within your estate. While our connectors are relatively simple to configure and come with plenty of resources, we can help get you set up and running more quickly.


Proactive and reactive technical support and ticketing.

We have a dedicated support team within Exonar, all of whom are there to ensure the smooth running of our technology within your environment. We operate an efficient ticket-based process and are very familiar with the requirement for remote support of our technology inside your firewall.

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If support for your deployment of our technology is something you’d like to talk about immediately, please feel free to start the conversation with our service team about how we can help.

We have lots of flexibility and a desire to make things work!

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