How to discover and manage GDPR sensitive personal data


Is your personal data really private?

Every business faces the same problem. How to manage personal data. Because information gets saved in fileshares by employees with the best of intentions, just trying to get their jobs done. However, personal data exported to a spreadsheet, emailed to colleagues and saved locally, creates unstructured data. Enforcing data protection policies becomes a real challenge.

The GDPR introduced new rights for individuals to demand how their data is handled, processed, ported, secured and erased. Many organisations already dealing with regulators are concerned about individuals bringing multiple class actions if they – or their employees – get it wrong as we are seeing already with Marriott, British Airways and many others.

On average 9% of your organisation’s data contains personal information – Where’s yours?

To gain oversight of the personal data in an organisation, information managers usually grab their clipboards, get together with internal auditors and ask the teams where that data is, thus self certificating against policies and processes. There is now a more accurate, reliable and efficient way.

It’s not what you know – it’s finding the unknowns

A traditional audit provides an inventory of where data should be. Although useful for capturing the ‘known’ information stores, it does not provide any insight to information created and stored outside of standard process – the ‘unknowns’.

Exonar overcomes this issue. It discovers personal information by crawling your network and indexing not just the properties (metadata) of documents but also the content. It enables you to interrogate and understand what personal data you have, its accessibility, age, classification and topic.

This means you can search the contents and characteristics of all of your information. The resulting information inventory contains details of all personal data, whether it was created by an approved process or is inside retention policies, regardless of what format it’s in or where it’s located.

Identify all your personal data

Whether your data concerns are GDPR compliance, leak, breach or making right of access requests easy and efficient, we provide the tools to get your personal data under control.

Undertake a rapid data discovery audit to understand what personal information you have, where it is and who has access to it.

  • Discover your most sensitive, valuable and personal information.
  • Understand exactly what it contains and where it is to create a clear information inventory.
  • Act to bring it into policy quickly and monitor it accurately thereafter.

Exonar uses indexing – not scanning – to deliver instant results and iterative queries. Our machine learning understands what’s important, where it is and who has access to it, to save you time. Exonar technology operates in near real-time – so once you’ve completed an initial audit, simply switch to monitor and maintain mode with alerts and integrations to your other information management platforms.

Exonar gives you the power to discover, understand and remediate sensitive corporate and personal data, strengthening information security and easing compliance with data regulations – no matter how much data you hold.


Find & Fix your data

Understand & manage information instantly, simply, at scale. Exonar solves a problem common to all organisations and their information owners, “I just don’t know what I’ve got”.

Plug Exonar into your network to instantly discover:

  • Confidential documents
  • Duplicate files Employment contracts
  • Encryption keys
  • Personal data Passwords … whatever you need to find.

Achieve successful:

  • Compliance with regulations such as GDPR
  • Right of access request processing Information security & governance
  • Risk management Document retention
  • Cloud migration and governance.

Connect to a range of data sources:

  • Windows SharePoint
  • Exchange Office 365
  • OneDrive Databases and business systems.

Connecting Exonar to your network is simple and our dashboards are easy to use. Once installed, our crawlers will begin to index your data and deliver results on the same day.


Start discovering your data today

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Dave Parker, Group Head of Data Governance, Arrow Global