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BSI is committed to supporting its global clients. By partnering with emerging technologies like Exonar. BSI's Consulting Services team can provide guidance and knowledge to advance their clients data governance and management needs. The Exonar Reveal product is similar to a ‘Google Search’ in that it uses data discovery software to index the data organisations may not realise they have at scale. It discovers, identifies, and makes visible high-risk, sensitive, and valuable information hidden in structured¹ and unstructured data so clients can take the necessary action to protect their organisation.

How can BSI and Exonar support your organisations needs?

Find and fix the risk across their data portfolio at scale, using a single platform
Ensure maximum data integrity and hygiene, safeguarding business and allowing clients to easily manage and access their data
Enable clients to protect their sensitive data and reduce the risk of threat to their people, reputation, and finances

Digital trust is about instilling confidence in an organization, that empowers the people, the systems and the technology to ensure their safety, security, compliance, privacy and ethical requirements. Proficient discovery software capabilities like Exonar’s, ensures maximum data integrity and hygiene, safeguarding business and allowing clients to easily manage and access their data.

Mark Brown, Global MD, Cybersecurity & Information Resilience,
Consulting Services, BSI

How can BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience services help organisations worldwide?

Cybersecurity: BSI offers a range of testing and vulnerability management services, from penetration testing to gold standard Read Teaming (CREST Approved). Within these services, BSI also provides a host of cloud security solutions, from web security and cloud access security brokerage to identity access management and data protection in the cloud
Information management and privacy: BSI provides GDPR, data privacy and data protection consulting services as well as forensic capability to identify where a breach occurs and if the data was compromised
Security awareness training: BSI implement robust, agile and compliant training modules and courses to ensure that organizations weakest link can become their strongest asset in remaining vigilant and resilient to threats. Additionally, BSI offers bespoke, customized, online, inhouse and classroom-based certified training across a mix of information security, cloud security and data protection courses
Compliance services: from PCI DSS to NIST framework, cyber lab certification and implementation, BSI enables organizations to ensure compliance across multiple areas of an organization

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience team:

  • Penetration testing
  • Technology Solutions & Cloud Security
  • Advise/Support regarding data privacy
  • Social Engineering
  • Training
  • PCI DSS compliance
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