What’s New at Exonar

New Enterprise Information Management Tools for Your Organisation

Whether your core concerns are information management, governance, risk or security, we now provide access to the tools needed to start getting your unstructured data under control and protecting your most important information.

In order to benchmark themselves organisations undertake a data discovery audit to understand what information they have, where it is and who has access to it. Exonar.com now provides these stats and sample reports as well as a free trial of the Exonar platform to enable you to understand your own organisation’s data and how it compares with the average.

Announcing Intelligent Classification to Protect Your information

How do you know what to protect? How do you know which information you should care about? How do you find it? As the volume and variety of information continues to grow, where we store it continues to diversify and the regulations governing how we use it become more onerous, answering these questions is at the forefront for leading organisations

At Exonar, we’re launching Intelligent Classification to tackle this problem. Intelligent Classification uses machine learning to automatically categorise information by sensitivity, or any other characteristic you determine. It recognises the common themes, language and characteristics of information in a particular category (such as documents only accessible to HR, or documents with the protective marking ‘secret’) and classifies existing and new documents on the fly.

We began working on this problem nearly three years ago, having realised that identifying important information lies at the core of any successful information security, risk or governance programme; if you can identify important and interesting information, the task of better organising, protecting and using it becomes much simpler.

This technology is the culmination of research we have undertaken alongside the University of Reading and co-funded by Innovate UK. We think it is an incredibly important step to enabling you to understand, organise and protect your organisation’s information. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to try it on your data, whether as a standalone discovery, classification or data loss prevention project. See our 1 minute video on how it works or register for our free trial.

See us at the RANT conference

We can also announce that we will be attending the RANT conference in London next month as part of their Start Up section. We would be delighted to see both familiar and new faces at the event, being held at  200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London, EC1A 4HD on the 3rd November. To sign up visit rantconference.co.uk where we will be demonstrating our ability to make your information better organised, de-risked and more productive.