March 18th 2020 – By Dan Welberry

The great data conflict: How to juggle securing, protecting and exploiting value in data

One of the biggest challenges around organisational data is that there isn’t a common understanding of what data actually is, or what it should be used for.

Organisations can find it hard to see the strategic value of data when the conversation is dominated by privacy and security – it’s still about risk, and that’s where the budget comes from. So the value in data isn’t being exploited.

This is part of the issue that causes such a headache for businesses trying to balance the data value /risk equation. On the one hand there’s the CISO, whose objective it is to lock down and secure the organisation from threats. While at the same time the CIO may be trying to make data available in order to uncover business value or deliver digital transformation. And the DPO is trying to put in place policies that protect data.

So there’s a conflict around securing, protecting and using data.

In this report we examine how CISOs, CIOs and data governance specialists in leading UK companies see the issues and their recommendations for overcoming the challenges.

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