Our Tips for the Hot Topics at Infosec 2017

Infosec Europe 2017 – Our Tip for the Hot Topics

In the run up to Infosec 2017, the key to making your visit successful is preparation.  Keynotes fill up fast and with over 18,000 attendees and 195 sessions you could spend half your time trekking across Olympia if you don’t carefully plot your course.

Part of our preparation at Exonar has been considering the topics that we think will be the most talked-about so when some of our team are not manning our stand in the Cyber Innovation Zone, we’ll be making sure we get to the best sessions first.


We’re looking forward to hearing a range of viewpoints on what the way forward is since the initial furore has died down (and in anticipation that there won’t be another attack before the event).  We expect interesting discussions around public / private sector partnership in ways that combine the moral and the commercial.


There will no doubt be increased focus on the inherent risk present in the increasing number of connected devices – especially given the recent launch of Google Home.  Research from Statista suggests there will be 31 billion connected devices by 2020 which makes the potential impact of a wide-ranging DDOS one that is impossible to ignore.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We see GDPR as having the potential to deliver enormous benefits to organisations when it comes to data security.  The process of data discovery and management that’s required to comply with the regulation gives organisations the opportunity to find the data that’s an asset, and remove any data that poses an unwanted risk.  Download our whitepaper to find out more.

Legal Responsibilities

Who takes the blame when there’s a breach?  Organisations providing technical services and solutions need to be clear about their liabilities, and we expect consumers in particular to start demanding greater clarity.  GDPR goes some way to help define boundaries and obligations but we also expect to see an upsurge in claim handling companies who sniff an opportunity.


Alongside businesses ready to go to court on behalf of victims of data breaches, we expect to see cyber-security insurance products and services become a market of its own.  We’ll be listening out for the views from the anti-virus vendors on what they think could happen next.

Planning to visit Infosec and want to find out more about how a data-first approach could help your business become GDPR compliant?  Come and see us on Stand S07 in the Cyber Security Zone.  Or if you’d like to get to know us a little better first, drop us a line at