Cloud Migration Solutions

Cloud migration without the risks

Migrating everyday business information to one of the many cloud services such as Box, Dropbox or Office365 makes sense for almost every organisation.

Everyone’s migrating

Even traditionally risk adverse industries such as Finance, Government and Defence are adopting this model as they see the benefits of collaborative working whilst reducing the need to manage infrastructure. However, the question as to what can and should be moved must be addressed during migration projects.

Cloud migration can provide cost savings and productivity improvements.

Migrations equal regulations

Information is increasingly the subject of regulation. From EU GDPR dictating the nations deemed fit to hold EU Citizen data, to UK Government regulating how protectively marked information must be treated, or a hundred other industry specific regulations on how and where information can be stored, a poorly planned cloud migration project will expose your organisation to substantial additional regulatory and financial risk.

Cloud migration without the risks

Understanding what information you have, where it is, how old it is and who has access to it enables you to make sense of your unstructured information and prioritise what information should be de-duplicated, what should be archived, what should be deleted and what should be carried forward to your new cloud infrastructure. The Exonar platform enables you to cleanse information of unwanted and risky information, leaving your staff with just the valued information, properly protected, easily located and accessible within your chosen cloud service.

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Infosecurity Europe 2018 – Olympia, London, 5-7 June 2018

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Find & Fix your data: GDPR compliance and data management just got easier with updates to Exonar’s innovative Information IntelligenceTM platform

Exonar solves GDPR data mapping, data subject rights, and information security challenges – and now adds three new solution areas to make the DPO’s life easier

Olympia, London, 5 June 2018: UK data discovery specialists Exonar Ltd today unveiled powerful new updates to help organisations find and fix the data that they hold, whilst complying with new regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation. The Exonar platform delivers the most comprehensive search capability to identify and understand all types of sensitive information. Providing instant search results across all information from databases, documents, email and file shares – from global dashboards right down to document level the powerful platform is a must for data discovery and ongoing management.

Whether stored in the cloud, on mail servers, in databases or in file sharing systems, personal data can rapidly become a liability, vulnerable to exploitation by hackers, criminals or other unauthorised third parties. From customer contact and private employee information to financial data, passwords, encryption keys and other confidential records, Exonar discovers and remediates the unstructured ‘digital litter’ scattered around your networks and devices.

So what’s new for Infosecurity Europe?


  • Auto classification: by understanding the content and intent of documents the Exonar platform is able to find and, using machine learning, automatically categorise groups of same or similar documents to enable rapid implementation of discovery, GDPR rights, document retention and information security policies.
  • OCR: Exonar adds optical character recognition to read any text stored in document scans, individual images, those embedded in documents or attached to an email enabling organisations with scanned document stores to bring these into their GDPR and data management strategies.
  • API: the new application programming interface allows easy third party integration with the Exonar platform automating discovery capabilities for a wide range of business processes and applications such as SIEM and DLP to augment these solutions with near-real time, Information IntelligenceTM. This non rules based approach makes DLP systems usable in the changing world of information governance.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, Exonar simplifies data discovery and management across four key areas of business operation:

  • GDPR: enables quick and pain-free discovery, mapping and remediation of personal data inventories under the new regulation.
  • Data Subject Rights: case management module enables fast and cost-effective handling and monitoring of data subject rights that form the core of the GDPR – providing an automated and efficient solution to the anticipated high volumes of data subject rights requests.
  • Information Security: plug into file shares, shared drives, mail servers, databases and cloud storage systems to provide the widest view of unstructured data so organisations can find and understand that data – and then protect it.
  • Cloud Governance: enables organisations to cleanse, migrate, monitor and control cloud storage for secure, simplified and risk-optimised access to the information they need.

Adrian Barrett, CEO and founder of Exonar, said:

“An exponential increase in data volume means organisations must find new ways to understand the risk as well as the opportunities in their data. Organisations who manage and use the data they hold effectively will survive and thrive in this privacy generation.

Our platform provides an instant picture of all the data that you hold, showing you what personal data you have and where it is – all in near real-time. We then enable you to control, change, manage, remediate, harmonise and secure that data in a prompt, cost-effective and compliant way, minimising risk of breach, leak or loss and optimising your relationship with your customer.

We help to bring order to the chaos that unstructured data can create and we’re confident that life with Exonar will also create efficiency and trust for both customers and employees” finished Barrett.

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