August 25th 2020 – By Zara Harper

August Live Demo: Tackling data migration with data discovery

A Live Demo originally held on August 25th, 2020

Data migration is something which many large organisations face as they look to transform their data estate and move to the cloud or a newer system. Cleaning legacy data prior to migration is both valuable and critical to its successful execution, and often identifies valuable and redundant information in the process. But how do you even start to prepare your organisation’s data estate for migration if you don’t know what data you have, or where it is? And how can you be confident your organisation’s sensitive data is protected in the process?

Exonar Reveal creates an instantly searchable index of your data estate, so you can find the structured and unstructured data you need in seconds. If data discovery sounds like something you need to power and protect your organisation, join us for this quick 30-minute demo on “Tackling data migration with data discovery”.

Watch the Live Demo recording now: