September, 25 2019 – By Dan Welberry

Survey: security for the many not the few

To get ready for GDPR you will have put in place data protection policies. And no doubt they are probably strong and impressive – if only you could get people to follow them.

Here at Exonar, we are working on ways for you to solve this problem. And we come at it from a different angle to think about how you can:

• Reveal the data you own at scale.
• Resolve issues by managing and moving data.
• Relate instances together to create a single view of any entity.

But our products are only as good as the research that sits behind them.

Here at Exonar we invest heavily into research to better understand the market challenges that our technology addresses…

And there’s a huge shortage of data around how organisations are handling data governance and cyber security.

So we’re doing something about it. We’ve created a short 8-question survey. Do get involved – we’d love to hear your views. And if you opt in we’ll send you a copy of the results and analysis.