July, 11, 2019 – By Dan Welberry

Information Security Solutions

Unstructured information in file shares all over your network, containing your organisation’s plans, staff and customer’s personal information. Sound familiar?

Unstructured information equals risk

In every organisation, the unstructured information on your network represents the ‘wild west’ of the security landscape. Ungoverned and seemingly ungovernable. Not only does this make information difficult to find and use, it makes the job of managing the security risks of all that barely managed information seem insurmountable. This medieval approach to security, building ever higher and thicker walls around your organisation’s data, can only work whilst the whole organisation’s value can be contained within those walls. With the advent of cloud, mobile computing and ever extending supply chains, those days are gone.
The traditional approach to solving this problem has been to harden systems and borders.

Understand your information

Understanding what you have, where it is, how old it is and who has access to it enables you to tidy up, tighten up and concentrate your often limited resources on ensuring that the most sensitive and most valuable information is best looked after.
Putting the information at the centre of security overcomes this issue.
It’s dangerous to go alone
The Exonar platform has the flexibility to enable you to filter and focus on what really matters to meet your information security requirements. By plugging into fileshares, shared drives, mail servers and cloud storage systems you are now able to get a holistic view of your unstructured information. Millions of documents and Terabytes of files can be indexed and understood. Reports can be generated on what’s where and how sensitive it is. Individual files can be drilled into and all other files (wherever they may be located) about the same subject can be identified instantly.

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