November, 4 2019 – By Dan Welberry

How to govern data as an asset as well as a risk

Thursday 6th February 2020, 12 – 1pm (GMT)

In the information age, data has been dramatically referred to as the ‘new oil’ and a valuable asset to any organisation.  Successful organisations of the future are the ones that understand how to unlock the potential of information and data that they already own or have legitimately gathered.

Despite this, many organisations have found it hard to realise the value in their data, often because they don’t know what they have, where it’s stored and how to get visibility of it at scale.

In this webinar we explore how leading companies are unlocking the potential of, and distilling knowledge from their data as an asset to drive business gain.  We look at how Exonar’s technology is being used to crawl and index data and information at scale, to both drive value and reveal and protect sensitive data that unprotected, presents a substantial risk.

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  • Practical ways that organisational information and data is being used to drive value
  • How the potential of your data is unlocked by building an index of everything you have
  • How to set up an Information Discovery project in your organisation, either to uncover value, or as part of your data governance programme.
  • How Exonar enables discovery of both data as an asset and helps manage data as a risk within large organisations.

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