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How can I use Exonar?


See how Exonar automatically discovers, classifies, and inventories your organisation’s information.

Information Governance

Exonar personalises information governance for you, addressing your specific data privacy compliance and data strategy objectives.


Find it, fix it, secure it. Our professionals are on hand to help you protect your organisation’s most valuable information using Exonar.

Plug Exonar into your network to instantly Discover:

Confidential documents | Duplicate files | Employment contracts | Encryption keys | Personal data | Passwords … whatever you need to find.

Achieve successful:

Compliance with regulations such as GDPR | Right of access request processing | Information security & governance | Risk management Document retention | Cloud migration and governance.

Connect to a range of data sources:

Windows | SharePoint | Exchange | Office 365 | OneDrive | Databases and business systems.

Connecting Exonar to your network is simple and our dashboards are easy to use. Once installed, our crawlers will begin to index your data and deliver results on the same day.

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GDPR, CCPA & Privacy

Exonar simplifies data privacy compliance by getting right to the heart of the matter: discovering, governing, and securing your data.

Subject Access Requests

Our platform provides automated, intuitive and rapid processing of SARs, substantially reducing response times from days to minutes.

Information Security

Exonar enables you to focus your resources on ensuring that your most sensitive and most valuable information is best looked after.

Cloud Governance

Clean up all of your data before you migrate to the cloud, reducing the financial cost and risk to your organisation whilst increasing productivity.