December, 10 2019 – By Dan Welberry

Exonar releases technology wave 4.0 to automate data protection policy

We are super excited to announce the release of the Exonar technology Wave 4.0.  With the launch of new features in exonar>REVEAL and enhancements to the CORE technology, this release is focused on automating data protection policy and enabling those policies to become part of everyday working practice.

We are in the second phase of GDPR. The first phase was about creating the policies and understanding your data in the run up to the deadline, but there was only minimal thought given to how to operationalise data protection in practice.

Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner has articulated what the ICO expects going forward: “[GDPR] formalises the move of our profession away from box ticking or even records of processing, and instead seeing data protection as something that is part of the cultural and business fabric of an organisation.”

In line with this, the driver for the Exonar release 4.0 comes from talking to customers and practitioners in the data security industry who have told us that they are looking for ways to operationalise and automate data compliance.

Watch the video below to bring the 4.0 release alive by hearing from the people behind the technology at Exonar. Director of Engineering, Ben Heymink, talks about what’s in 4.0 plus what’s coming in the roadmap. And our founder Adrian Barrett, finishes up by sharing the long-term vision for Exonar’s products.

Exonar 4.0 Release notes

exonar>REVEAL 4.0 Feature Releases

Our product, exonar>REVEAL enables customers to identify and manage information at scale, to facilitate good data management practice and improve regulatory compliance. This is the starting point for organisations who “just don’t know what they have” when it comes to enterprise data, in complex environments.

1. Automated Data Protection Policy Workflows with alerts & notifications

This feature takes the existing power of Exonar and enables customers to automate data protection policy, allowing them to keep on top of the changing nature of their data estate.

Upload a policy using the search form and set it to run as often as you require. Exonar searches hundreds of millions of documents, almost instantly, and alerts data owners when it finds examples of the policy not being followed, and by who. Those people can be nudged to take remediation actions.

2. Data Subject search form for DSARs

A simple easy-to-use form, the Data Subject Search is super useful for those dealing with frequent DSARs. All that’s needed is just one or two bits of information about the data subject, and Exonar will find all relevant data quickly, simply and instantly.

exonar>CORE 4.0 Feature Releases

The CORE is the smart, efficient data crawler that ingests, understands and indexes data at scale from any data source and classifies it. The data engine that powers Exonar’s products, the CORE is unique in its ability to deliver the results of queries by means of its search feature, in near-real time.

1. New speed at scale crawler

The new crawler ingests data from any data source at scale and faster than ever before. Exonar’s unique approach to crawling and indexing data (rather than scanning) is what enables the system to discover data in ways that others can’t or don’t do. No other technology can deliver such accurate results, so fast and at such scale.

Find out how to transition data protection policy to business as usual in our useful Report.