March 27th 2020 – By Dan Welberry

Exonar powers forward with technology release to protect customers’ data, ahead of schedule

We are delighted to announce that with our entire team working remotely, Exonar software Version 4.1.0 has been released ahead of schedule. With it we are accelerating our ability to help our customers both protect and power their data locally and across borders.

The release unlocks Personally Identifiable Information (PII) detection for customers using Exonar in Italy, Netherlands and Portugal. Exonar will now detect postal codes, national ID numbers and telephone numbers for these countries and languages to expand its use beyond the UK.

“PII detection is crucial for businesses wanting to know what data they’ve got, where it is stored and how to secure it. External data breaches and internal threats can happen to anyone, but if the data stolen is unstructured PII that the company didn’t know it had, huge reputational damage can be done, not to mention the fines.” Says Danny Reeves, Exonar CEO.

“The problem is that most businesses don’t have visibility of their data. Exonar customers use our technology to reveal the structured and unstructured information at scale within their organisation’s data estate to regain control and assure regulatory compliance. Because unless you know what you’ve got, you can’t do anything about deleting, moving or encrypting it.”

Responding in particular to the ability of the team to deliver, despite a switch to home working and the many distractions and complications of the COVID-19 outbreak, Danny added “I want to call out the dedication, enthusiasm and resolve of the whole Exonar team in these extraordinary and unsettling times. I’m proud that we are continuing to create software that powers and protects our customers and the people they serve by getting our quarterly release out early despite everything that’s going on. It is a huge credit to everyone that we’ve been able to keep the business powering forward and with such optimism, despite many personal challenges along the way.”

Look out for the next release, 4.2.0, which will be available in July and will include strengthened connectors for OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint 365, taking advantage of Exonar’s new and ground-breaking crawler technology.