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Living with new privacy laws

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GDPR is here and now there’s the CCPA too!
Plus – We’re Hiring & ‘Ain’t got no Privacy’ – 80’s privacy issues!

New Exonar research released July 4th 2018, shows that public sector organisations face increased financial pressure as a result of the recently implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to the tune of £30million per year.
The NHS is expected to be hit hardest by the influx in data requests, given that before the introduction it cost the NHS £20.6million per year to retrieve customer data.
Rise appears to reflect more stringent reporting obligations under EU’s new data protection regime. More than 1,100 reports of data breaches involving people’s personal information have been received by the Data Protection Commission in the two months since a new EU legal regime came into force.
How the GDPR will disrupt Google and Facebook
New laws and high profile investigations have helped put data protection and privacy at the centre of the UK public’s consciousness like never before, the Information Commissioner has said.
Exonar simplifies compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act by getting right to the heart of the matter: Finding, Mapping and Managing your data.
Plantatreeforprivacy: the impact of GDPR when privacy regulations change
In this Privacy Tracker series, we look at laws from across the globe and match them up against the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The aim is to help you determine how much duplication of operational effort you might avoid as you work toward compliance and help you focus your efforts. In …
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The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (aka CaCPA) creates unprecedented obligations for companies that do business in California (the world’s fifth largest economy) or collect the personal information of California’s 40 million residents.
We Are Hiring - Marketing Executive - Exonar
Are you our next Marketing Manager? An exciting startup software business, we’re looking for an ambitious marketer to take responsibility for creating and delivering our marketing strategy. A British software company, we have just raised significant funding to boost our growth strategy through 2018.
Plantatreeforprivacy: the impact of GDPR when privacy regulations change
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GDPR – Hit the Deadline with a Smile! Exonar Latest News

GDPR – Hit the Deadline with a Smile!

What We’ve Been Reading And Writing This Month

GDPR Guidance and Gags!
Plus – We’re Hiring… and Songs to make you smile!

Welcome to Simplifying GDPR from Exonar. What’s in our series of guides? Private sector, public sector or third sector, GDPR applies to all of us and the personal data we hold. Our four-part guide will explain how to approach GDPR – how to align the right technology, people and processes so that GDPR works for you and not vice versa.
Insights from PwC’s third General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) pulse survey.
European Supervisory Authorities have shed light on their initial enforcement priorities. Take a look at this IAPP infographic to learn more about where to focus your efforts to be on the right side of regulators. Click image to download pdf (1.63MB)
Ask the founder: 15 questions with NatWest
NatWest meets Exonar CEO – Adrian Barrett
In our series of interviews with SME founders about their business journey so far, we speak to Adrian Barrett, CEO and founder of data science company Exonar.
Businessman wins legal action to force removal of search results about past conviction
Key Responsibilities Working within the small engineering team you will be a seasoned (Java) Developer responsible for all aspects of day-to-day development; from developing new features, improving performance of our machine-learning components, to mentoring junior developers and engaging with…
Without wishing to dismiss GDPR as a bit of a joke, we think it’s time to lighten the mood around the new legislation. Submit yours @Exonar using #GDPRgags.
The Utterly Unrelated Section: Top 100 songs to make you smile!
With all this GDPR talk and May 25th looming ever closer, we accept that a few jokes might not be enough to relieve the pressure. So as you work through your plan and prioritise, here are a few tunes to help you through with a smile on your face – Hey Ya!

EYE Views – GDPR never seemed more relevant

Mobile Industry Eye talks to Exonar COO – Julie Evans

Facebook’s spectacular exposure of at least 87 million people’s personal data to Cambridge Analytica is just one drip in a deluge of data breaches and abuses of consumer trust and privacy.

Mobile Industry Eye asks how the industry should respond to the Facebook debacle, how GDPR will affect their business and whether or not consumers understand its implications.  Here’s what they said…


Simplifying GDPR – Get the team signed up and on the pitch

In the beginning, there was a team – Read Part 2 of our essential guides to GDPR

Explain GDPR to your organisation, identify your board sponsor, form a posse from legal, compliance, technology and your key personal information owners like HR and customer services. Then get everyone in a room, work out your high-level programme plan and cost it across internal resource, external advice/resource, tech spend, training and ongoing costs. Then you’ll all have a pretty clear view of life under GDPR.

Our free guides will cut through the myths and help you get a grip on GDPR as May 25th approaches – and here is Part 2. Let us help you see GDPR in a different, practical light.

Read Part 2


Simplifying GDPR – Your Essential Exonar Four-Part Guide

Understand the game – then score some easy wins and be 2-0 up by half-time

It’s one of those large-scale legislative changes to the way we all work that always seems a long way off and then suddenly heaves into view – GDPR. 

We’ve plenty of thoughts on the subject, thoughts that we believe are worth sharing and will help you in your approach to managing this new regulation.

At Exonar we help you map and understand your personal data: instantly, simply and at scale. Yes, GDPR arrives on May 25th 2018. Yes, the clock is ticking – but no, it’s not the complex and resource-sapping behemoth you could be excused for assuming. It’s an evolution of the UK’s existing Data Protection Act 1998, not a revolution; it clarifies, simplifies and codifies data protection for the digital age. It’s also a terrific opportunity to streamline the way you use personal data – in easier and more effective ways than you might think – while adding significantly to your audience’s trust in your organisation and brand.

Our free fortnightly guides will cut through the myths and help you get a grip on GDPR as May approaches – and here is Part 1. Let us help you see GDPR in a different, practical light.

Read Part 1


PWC – The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018

Revitalising privacy and trust in a data-driven world

Key findings from The Global State of Information Security Survey 2018

‘49% of the 9500 respondents did not have an accurate inventory of personal data’

Massive data breaches and the constant collection of personal information routinely spur debate on whether privacy, rooted in ancient times, is dead in the digital age. Are we in a post-privacy world? In many ways, it is the wrong question. Privacy, security and trust—all increasingly at risk—are also more vital and intertwined in our data-driven society.

Read the full survey results:


GDPR – The Technical Challenges & Opportunities

Stott and May partner with Exonar to host a Java MeetUp

Last week (Tuesday, February 13th, 2018) Stott and May partnered up with Exonar to host a Java MeetUp which presented the technical challenges and opportunities around the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which we’re delighted to say was hugely successful.

The concept was simple, attract many technical professionals in one room to discuss a hot topic which affects everyone. The event took place at the Stott and May Reading offices and was a great chance to network and gain insightful information from our industry leading technologist, Aeham Abushwashi (Head of Engineering at Exonar) whilst having a relaxing evening with food and refreshments.

Read more

Workshop, Job Shop and Swap Shop! Exonar Latest News

Workshop, Job Shop and Swap Shop!

What We’ve Been Reading And Writing This Month

GDPR Ops and Workshops
Plus – We’re Hiring… and Swap Shop!

Plantatreeforprivacy: the impact of GDPR when privacy regulations change
Identify key business units, departments and high risk data areas Define project success criteria and timescales Deliver and action a plan that will start to discover, manage and control GDPR data from day one Confirm your workshop here.
Top 10 operational responses to the GDPR: Data inventory and mapping
Top 10 operational responses to the GDPR: Data inventory and mapping
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in less than four months. Even with up to 70 percent of enterprises, globally, predicting they would be ready by the May 25, 2018, deadline, according to a study conducted by IAPP in late 2017, thousands of businesses, inc…
How the GDPR will disrupt Google and Facebook
How do the DPO and EU representative interplay?
The GDPR applies to controllers and processors that process personal data of individuals in the EU, regardless of where the organization is established in the world. Those organizations that are not established inside the EU are required to appoint a representative who is established in the EU fo…
IDC Insight - Exonar Probes Depths Where No GDPR Solution Has...
Exonar joins forces with MyLife Digital – for the good of trees
Exonar has joined forces with MyLife Digital to provide an end to end solution to organisations who need to solve their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) problems, especially when it comes to Subject Access Requests (SARs). GDPR has been around for two years, the enforcement…
Subject access requests: revised guidance from the ICO -...
A techie’s rough guide to GDPR
A large global change in data protection law is about to hit the tech industry, thanks to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). GDPR affects any company, wherever they are in the world, that handles data about European citizens.
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Exonar is hiring – Professional Services Consultant – Exonar
The role is accountable for client outcomes from pre-sale to post, through programme delivery and reporting. Owns the day to day operational relationship with the client, accountable for leading client deliverables ranging from GDPR compliance, post data breach analysis to cloud migration.
We Are Hiring - Marketing Executive - Exonar
The positive impact technological innovation can have on your business
In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Adrian Barrett CEO and founder at Exonar. They discuss implementing technological innovation in your business
Heineken Pet
The Utterly Unrelated Section:
The death of eBay?
Remember Swap Shop? “Swaporama” hosted by Keith Chegwin, an outside broadcast unit would travel to different locations throughout the UK where children could swap their belongings with others.

Solve the ICO’s Step 2 ‘Document What Personal Data You Hold’

Solve the ICO’s Step 2
‘Document What Personal Data You Hold’

What We’ve Been Reading And Writing This Month

GDPR Data Discovery
Plus – Become a GDPR Millionaire!
PwC and Exonar bring new data discovery and remediation services to market
PwC and Exonar form alliance to bring new data discovery and remediation services to market Partnership will bring together PwC’s world-leading data discovery knowledge with Exonar’s ground…
Preparing for GDPR has completely changed Lloyds` digital marketing strategy
Two years into preparing for the May 2018 GDPR deadline, Lloyds Banking Group has overhauled its CRM strategy across its major brands to focus on ‘how to’ content rather than product…
How the GDPR will disrupt Google and Facebook
We all know about the Data Protection Act – the rules that govern who gains, keeps and distributes your all-important personal data and how. As headlines of massive data breaches have…
Subject access requests: revised guidance from the ICO -...
The first draft of the Data Protection Bill (DPB) was released on 13 September 2017, following its second reading in the House of Lords. This bill is designed to bring the UK’s data…
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Everything you need to know about the upcoming EU ePrivacy Regulation on the Respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications and repealing…
Plantatreeforprivacy: the impact of GDPR when privacy regulations change
Millions of UK consumers may submit subject access requests (SARs) to find out what personal information businesses hold on them after the GDPR goes live in May next year, with financial…
We Are Hiring - Marketing Executive - Exonar
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that there are lots of people talking about GDPR – which is a good thing. However, there is lots of nonsense being talked about…
Heineken Pet
The Somewhat Related Section: Become A GDPR Millionaire
Read the original blog by Rowenna here: If PCI DSS paid off the mortgage, then GDPR looks well on its way to buy the yacht. But how does one go about…

PwC and Exonar’s new data discovery and remediation services

PwC and Exonar form alliance to bring new data discovery and remediation services to market

  • Partnership will bring together PwC’s world-leading data discovery knowledge with Exonar’s ground breaking Information Intelligence™ platform to help companies meet future data demands

Exonar today announced that PwC’s Data Discovery team has selected its ground breaking Information Intelligence software to help its clients understand unstructured data in greater depth.

With increasing regulatory and compliance pressure, and the growing need to manage a business better, many companies turn to PwC for their data discovery, review and remediation services. PwC has engaged with Exonar in a number of data discovery projects where understanding unstructured data and its content is needed. This has included pre and post data breach, finding intellectual property stored where it should not be on a network, GDPR compliance and helping clients properly dispose of data to reduce storage and the risk of potential litigation costs.

Exonar is a British company that is redefining how organisations map, categorise and understand all of their data. Exonar solves a problem common to all organisations and their senior information owners, namely “I just don’t know what I’ve got”.

This statement, compounded with “I don’t know where it is or who has access to it” results in information security, regulatory and privacy demands becoming disproportionately challenging. The result is large amounts of risky, unwanted and unnecessary information being stored. In turn, this makes finding and understanding productive, valuable, or sensitive information much more difficult.

Umang Paw, PwC Partner in London, said, “We are excited to be working with Exonar and to add its capability to the portfolio of technology that we tailor for our clients’ specific business needs. We have been working with Exonar for over a year and are seeing real benefits across a number of different scenarios when it comes to helping our clients understand their electronic data.”

“Our technology provides a simple, comprehensive view of where data is being held,” explains Adrian Barrett, founder and CEO of Exonar.

“The platform’s underlying big data architecture provides a view of the whole enterprise, often uncovering repositories that have been forgotten about, or those that present a risk. It works by using machine learning to accurately identify data held in information systems and categorises it automatically into groups such as personal, private and sensitive. The platform does this instantly and then monitors on an ongoing basis every time a change is made.

“By bringing together our unique technology with PwC’s in-depth understanding of the world’s leading businesses, we can give CEOs the assurances they need that data is being managed in the right way to meet the obligations of regulation today and to continue to do so as laws evolve,” adds Adrian.

About Exonar

We enable organisations to better organise their information, removing risk and making it more productive and secure. Visit us at or follow us @Exonar.